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Houston Heights, TX

Welcome to Revolve Physical Therapy, nestled in the heart of Houston Heights, Texas! 

As part of this historic and vibrant community known for its rich architecture and artistic flair, our clinic aligns with the neighborhood’s spirit of uniqueness and quality. We are committed to providing unparalleled physical therapy services, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care amidst the beauty and charm of Houston Heights.

Our Premium Services

Manual Therapy back

Manual Therapy

Dive into immediate relief with our specialized manual therapy sessions. Our adept therapists employ hands-on techniques that not only alleviate pain but also promote joint mobility and muscle function. This personalized approach ensures that you experience prompt pain relief and improved physical flexibility.

Manual Therapy Body Assessment

Total Body Assessment

Each body tells a story, and we make sure to read every chapter. With our thorough total body assessment, we dive into the root cause of your concerns. By understanding the comprehensive picture of your physical state, we can then tailor an effective treatment plan ensuring your path to holistic healing.

Manual Therapy Hip Correction

Movement Training/Corrective

Movement is at the heart of life. For those seeking to refine their motion, whether after an injury, for athletic prowess, or daily functionality, our movement training and corrective sessions stand out. We emphasize correcting improper patterns, fortifying weak areas, and ensuring you move with grace and strength.

Manual Therapy dry needle

Dry Needling

Harness the therapeutic potency of dry needling at Revolve. By inserting thin needles into precise muscle points, this technique can be exceptionally effective in releasing muscle tightness and mitigating pain. Rest assured, our experienced practitioners ensure a safe and beneficial experience every time.

Manual Therapy Balance Training

Gait and Balance Training

Stride forward with self-assuredness. Our gait and balance training are specifically crafted for those looking to restore stability in their walk or general movement. We aim to bolster muscle strength and coordination, letting you move with confidence and ease.

Manual Therapy Post Partum

Post Partum

Motherhood is a transformation, and we’re here to support your post-partum journey. Addressing challenges like pelvic floor issues, back discomfort, or muscle imbalances, our sessions empower new mothers to embrace this new phase with physical vigor and well-being.

Manual Therapy Post Op

Post Op

Transform post-surgical recovery into an opportunity for rejuvenation. Our post-op sessions are meticulously designed to foster healing, helping patients regain strength, mobility, and peace of mind, ensuring a seamless return to the rhythms of daily life.

Preventive Supplemental Therapy

Preventive Supplemental Therapy

Proactive care is the key to lasting health. With our preventive supplemental therapy, we aim to anticipate and address potential concerns before they manifest, fortifying your body and promoting sustained health.

Why Revolve Physical Therapy in Houston Heights?

Houston Heights exudes an aura of history melded with modernity – a trait we resonate deeply with at Revolve Physical Therapy. Our facility, while boasting cutting-edge therapeutic equipment, believes in the timeless values of empathy, understanding, and personalized care.

The team at our Houston Heights location brings together a blend of expertise, passion, and community spirit. Every session, every interaction is rooted in our commitment to foster healing and enhance the physical well-being of our beloved community members.

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!

Physical hurdles may appear intimidating, but with the right partners, they become stepping stones to greater health. At Revolve Physical Therapy in Houston Heights, we pledge to be your steadfast companion in this journey.

Are you ready to take a step towards enhanced physical well-being? Connect with us and let’s together revolve towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Schedule your consultation today!